“Turkish Marine Industry Association (DENTUR)” was founded on 14/02/2000 in Istanbul, Turkey and today DENTUR is acting as the voice of the Turkish Marine Industry. DENTUR has 294 corporate members from different regions of the country, representing different segments in the Marine field.

DENTUR is an organization founded by volunteers in Marine industry and represents the Turkish manufacturers, importers, retailers and distributors of sailboats, motor boats, marine engines and related marine equipment and accessories.

We would like to thank our founders for their extra ordinary afford for DENTUR.

  • Sn.Remzi Cengiz ARSAY
  • Sn.Mehmet İlhan ÖZGÖREN
  • Sn.Hatice GÜNAYDIN
  • Sn.Murat ŞAKAR
  • Sn.Osman ATLI
  • Sn.İhsan DEDE
  • Sn.Fethi Hakan DOĞAN