The objectives of YATED can be listed as follows:

  • to gather and bring together under a union the producers and importers of yacht, recreational boat and sailboat, marine engines and components,
  • to outline the problems of the recreational boating industry and the marine tourism sector with an intention to contact and exchange information with the related government and state officials in order to solve the problems and achieve healthier opportunities for the marine field in Turkey,
  • to set forth the standards and to achieve these standards for the companies who produce recreational boats, yachts, sailboats and spare parts in parallel with worldwide standards,
  • to overcome obstacles of trade, hindering the development of the marine market in Turkey and the relevant international trade,
  • to promote amateur seamanship, to develop the love of sea among the people of our country and to spread this love to the whole of the country,
  • to communicate this sea / marine love to the young generations…